JSON Expression Bug: <<If: true>> something <<EndIf>> will automatically include a comma

<<If: true>> something <<EndIf>> will automatically include a comma. So it will produce


That lead to some issues.

  1. The body of the if statement is a JSON object and it is at the end of JSON, that will lead to a trailing comma
  2. If we use the if statement within a normal tax in a JSON template, that will add unnecessary comma.

If I am missing on using the <If: >> statement, please let me know.


Please read this thread

Hi @Phil
Related to https://community.appsheet.com/t/does-a-start-expression-output-a-comma-be/936/8

I understand that adding comma between members of a list will be tricky but “if” statement should not be a problem.

In terms of syntax , can you add new expressions?
E.g <<start1>> or <<if1>> and within those new expression, no comma will be added. That will be similar to how frameworks introduce new functions without breaking old ones.

Thanks @Marc_Dillon for the link.