Jump from one form to another and then back after saving

I need to be able to have a form to add a row to a Call Log table that also allows the users to be taken to a Survey Form and once they save that form they will come back to their Call Log form. Is this possible? I do not technically need these to both be form view but I would really like it to have the save button so that I don’t get partial entries and have to deal with those on the backend.

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Lets call the forms A and B.

You want the navigation to be like this : A --> B --> A, I suppose.

  1. Make an action for the table of form A with linktoform() expressions. It lets you pre-fill values. The action should ‘link’ to form B. Get familiar with linktoform() if you aren’t already.

  2. As the previous reply points out in an image, the ‘Finish View’ for form A shouldn’t be the default. If you have correctly set up the action, that would show up in the drop-down. Choose that. It enables you to ‘jump’ to the form B from A without having an intermediate table / deck view.

  3. The navigation to form A from B should be the same. Make an action from the table of form B, and use linktoform() expression.

  4. Now when you have been taken back to form A after a ‘complete cycle’, you need some sort of ‘decider’ for the action to take to form B to not trigger again. Otherwise you would be caught in a forever loop; I’d hazard the app might not run at all in that scenario. A simple method would be having a Yes/No column in form A, which would decide whether the action to take to form B would be triggered or not.

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I think you’re confusing “Finish View” with “Form Saved Action”.

Creating LINKTOxxx “form-saved” actions is another good to way solve this, if the simpler “Finish View” isn’t good enough.

Ah yes. My bad. Sorry for that. :smiley:

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