Jump To Tab in Multi-Tab Forms


I’m creating a fairly long multi-tabbed or paged form with Appsheet but I’m curious what my options are for jumping around in the form. Is there a way for me to link to fields inside my current form, or even tabs/pages inside my current form? Like if tab 4 is titled “External inspection” - I’d love to have a “Show” field with description that contains some sort of link to either tab for, or a field in tab 4 that would allow a user to click the link and skip to where he wants/needs to be.


Unfortunately, no, there is not a way with a link or button to jump to a tab. In fact, Forms as a whole do not allow links and button at all.

If I can make a recommendation. If as you have described, there are lots of Tabs and users need to jump around in the Tabs to get to the details they really need to fill in, this tells me that there are probably several different Form flows needed.

I would recommend splitting the one long Form into the multiple discrete flows actually needed. Users then choose which one they need and simply follow the app’s directions. OR you only allow the needed Form flow based on the user activity/permissions.