June Office Hours

It’s the end of June already!

@Derek, @Phuong and I are getting started with AppSheet Office Hours at 9am PT, and besides doing live Q&A for your questions, the agenda will include:

  • New Feature: Workflow Step Rearrangements
  • New Feature: Automatic App Documentation
  • Internal AppSheet App Preview: ‘Collateral Portal’
  • Using GPS & Barcode Scanning for field service check-ins
  • Using Security Filters for data control & improved performance
  • Using Webhooks to track app activity
  • Use virtual column to simulate double dereference

You can register here (if you can’t make it, register and the recording will be emailed). Please post any questions you have for office hours here!


Can see and hear you guys

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Is it possible to have the Action buttons “Inspect” aligned to the left vs. all on the right?

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Will there be a GPS feature that allows you to track shipments in real time or with a very small delay?

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Can we find this app to play around with it?

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Auto app documentation of my app created 132 pages. It would be great if this could be consolidated.

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Are user settings limited to just the 10 columns?

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Security filter doesn’t seem to be available for my Publisher PRO plan.

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Sight and sound confirmed

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Sorry I couldn’t post before now: This question pertains to the location tracker app: Could an action be created to auto assign an inspection to an inspector based on nearest location?

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Hello, not related yet to what’s going on - if someone can tell me what to research I would be grateful.

I want to add to create/add a line item from a list of products and add it to an existing quote (or new quote). I have 10,000+ items, easily searchable by groups, it makes sense to 1. find the item & 2. add it to something.

It doesn’t not make sense to 1. make a quote or invoice & then 2. choose the item, because I can’t have a dropdown with 10,000 items.

More specifically - I make line items from a list of 10,000 possible products, the line item is the product with images and the condition and value estimate noted. Imagine a list of existing cars and my line items are used cars, the app make estimates for how much my employees will pay a person to buy the given used car model for our shop.

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On Total Clicks - Is it possible to do something like this in Publisher Pro when there are no particular users? Are Webhooks available in Publisher Pro?

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Webhooks: When sending data from one app to another, how is security handled?

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Collateral App: Do we have access to the Collateral Application? Helps with our local marketing efforts as well

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Hi @cameraville ,

Here is documentation on dependent dropdown that you might find helpful for your use case - https://help.appsheet.com/articles/961554-dependent-dropdown.

Let me know if you have any questions!

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For those interested in the double dereference, I have a sample app that highlights the process. Feel free to check out at the link below! https://www.appsheet.com/samples/Demo-to-simulate-double-dereference?appGuidString=ccb0eacb-66d6-44c7-b7c9-11ce2636d4eb

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How much will app sheets cost to publish?

Q: Is there any way we can put the app without publishing it, int our websites google drive?

Q: can we upload documents, more than 1 sheet per column?

Q: How do you link sheets together and put it on app sheets?