Junior Football Team manager looking for help creating app that records player performance

Apologies for the generic request, however, I am trying to create an app that records the performance of players against set criteria. I need to be able to enable multiple users (coaches) to grade the metrics of each player and to be able to differentiate player performance over time. I have tried multiple ways to create the app using the Google sheet that currently has all the metrics etc in however I only ever seem to be writing over the records already created and dont seem to be able to then measure improvement/decline. Is this too complicated to achieve via app and should I just stick to sitting in front of a spreadsheet once a week? thanks in advance for any support given

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You are correct that the request is generic and the community in general will share more precise insights if the query is more focussed such as on a platform’s feature or function or expression.

So request you to evaluate the below response also as generic and just as some guiding direction.

You have mentioned records being overwritten. Request you to take a look at the following article.

The below sample app may is very slightly resemble your requirement. But I believe it will give you some ideas. Here tasks are assigned to owner and teams and tracked.


I reiterate that the response is also very generic but just thought of sharing some starting points.

You may also find the below references to various articles, posts useful.

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Thank you @Suvrutt_Gurjar I appreciate the advice. I am relatively determined to try and achieve success and have looked at a couple of the tips/advice pages you referenced. I am quite adept at spreadsheets which is what gave me the confidence to take on the challenge but may have to concede that it is an unnecessary use of time/energy when I have it all set up in a spreadsheet already. The temptation with the app is more around the user functionality and the ability to input it easier. If it helps to be more specific here is a copy of the spreadsheet (anonymised) that I am trying to get to:

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Hi @Adrian_Wenn ,

Thank you. Ultimately to go the app way or otherwise will depend on your priorities. For example, if used in outdoor settings, a mobile device and hence an app may be more handy. If you need bar code. QR code scanners, OCR capabilities, AppSheet has all of them. AppSheet app will allow you to quickly navigate you from one view to another and present information by roles, users of the app. So a manager may see/approve timesheets of all employees and employyes can just add/edit their own.

So in summary, you may need to decide the use case, technical feasibility with app and if it leans towards an app, Appsheet has a rich set of features.