Jus wish to know if currently Appsheet doesn'...

(Rocky X) #1

Jus wish to know if currently Appsheet doesn’t support the following features or is there a way to achieve these things.

  1. Make X-axis labels horizontal/flat and not at some angle. 2. Able to re-size the same above labels 3. Only donut, pie charts seems to have the label type option be it percent or value. Any way to do this for the bar charts too?
(Steven Coile) #2

To my knowledge, no to all three. Graphs could really use some love from

the development team. :frowning:

(Dinh Nguyen Nguyen) #3

@Rocky_X Hi Rocky, I’m afraid we currently do not support any of the 3 features you mentioned. As we have to prioritize other development tasks right now, we are unable to devote as much time and resources to graphs as we’d like to. However, we are hiring more developers and hopefully would be able to rectify this in the near future.

(Rocky X) #4

ThanQ to both for clarifying:)