Just a newbie Appsheet - help on list to display by dynamic input of range of number

Hello, just a newbie in Appsheet. I made a simple list of sites, and I’d like to display list of sites base on a condition and variable input(of range of numbers, e.x in this case distance of sites from user). How can I make this in Appsheet that when I input range of distance(or number) dynamically, it will only display the list of sites that met the said condition…here’s the sample app table and view…thanks in advance!

This may help

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Thanks Mr. Jayaram. I was able to set-up using dashboard view but the filter view reference(from the slice does not appear. Btw, on my data, these are list of sites with LatLong. and I’d like to retrieve or display those sites base on distance (I’ve used the DISTANCE formula). seeking please help, I might have missed other needed configurations…thanks in advance.

hi mr. Jayaram, thanks for the help…the filter set up worked. i learned that the input table(for variables) should have an initial value(in gsheet) for it to be displayed in the app. cheers, till next time thanks again :smile:

Glad to know you got it working.