Just a quick question-- is it possible to sho...

Just a quick question-- is it possible to show related rows of a table in that table’s slice view rather than the whole table?

Thanks for any thoughts!

Could you explain a little more? it’s not clear to me what you want that isn’t already there.

+Steve Coile

In the below related columns, instead of showing the columns and associated behavior actions of the table, I’d like to link to a slice of that table instead. Reason being, when clicking on the related columns, I don’t want certain columns or actions to show. For example, many of these columns I want to be read only coming from this view.

Alternatively, I know I can have the actions disabled for the table, so that they don’t show up here in the related columns. But, since I already have the slices configured, I thought I’d ask to make sure this isn’t possible.

You need to change the Row Selected event action for the inline table view to an action that takes the user to the desired view.

  1. Create an action (Behavior > Actions) for this table with a Do this of App: go to another view within this app and a Target formula hat uses the LINKTOVIEW() function to generate a deep link to the desired view (the view itself should be attached to the slice you want the user to use).

  2. Attach the action to the inline table view (UX > Views) as the Row Selected event action in the BEHAVIOR section.

That should be it.

+Steve Coile

Obviously I hadn’t thought of this. Perfect!

So I did this for a “Table View”.
Now when you click on the row in the Table View it takes me to a “Detail View”
The problem is that it takes me to the detail view for the first row of data in the table.
Not the Detail View of the actual row/record that I selected.
How can I make it know to specifically go to the detail view for the data in that row?

In your case, you likely don’t need a custom action at all: the default behavior when clicking on a table row is to display the row’s detail view. But, if you want to use an action, use LINKTOROW() instead of LINKTOVIEW().