Just reading this makes me very confused. So ...

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Just reading this makes me very confused. So if I have a chat app that people can take and share images and upload it to the app store as public then everyone who uses that app I have to pay for their license? or they don’t get to use it unless they pay for a license?

I am building an app maybe 8 devices I plan on putting it on. all my own devices for my guys to track stuff? So If I have the Pro Secure plan I have to also buy 10 licenses? like I really don’t get this, the way it sounds I have to pay 10 x $10 = 100 dollars for 1 app to be used per month by me just for being on my own devices. or do I have it backwords and only can make 10 apps that can be deployed to the appstore?

(Philip Garrett) #2


Why are you electing to publish your app to the app store?

Normally you would only do that if you were distributing it to the general public and wanted to advertise it publicly in the app store.

If you are just distributing it to a small group of people you would use our simple publishing model and send each of your users a link to your app. This is both cheaper and easier.

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I have to load it on devices and I don’t want to use the Appsheet App to host it It is for a client of mine he runs a roofing company I built him an app to track and do calculations.

the plan is to put it on

8 tablets we bought so his guys can report back the progress on the jobs. I’m just trying to figure out what the actual cost is. I don’t understand why Appsheet would charge $10 for a deployable app but require 10 more $10 accounts why not just be upfront and sell it for a hundred bucks? assuming I am correct. I just want to be able to use this app on my device we own everyone of the devices it would be on.

The App is very simple and

is only connected to one sheet

and cant take a few images and collect some data. other than that I am using no services. Then I have Another client WHo is in real estate who wants a simple app to keep track of his properties

yet again a simple on page solution with no services. I am just trying to understand what the bottom line is on these things and what I would actually need to pay. I don’t mind paying for a subscription but if there is going to be hidden cost or additional cost Ill just spend the time and hard code these out myself with Ionic. But if I can purchase a pro plan and biuld the apps I need depoly them and be done with it I would buy Appsheet service right now. but I have read and watched nearly 20 articles and it is still not clear what I would be paying.???

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@Philip_Garrett_Appsh I

need to put the app

on 8 of my own personal tablets.

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@Philip_Garrett_Appsh And my client/partner doesn’t want any other options to create an app we want it white labeled it is a simple one page app that collects some basic info thats it. but a 100 dollars a month is not going to work.

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I need the option to brand the apps

mainly and I m willing to pay for that I just dont understand the pricing model. So if I buy the Secure Pro plan, and take the apk send it to the app store Will I be charged for every

device it goes on?

I mean I could sign into the devices with my account for each one. but I wanted to bypass logging in? and honestly I don’t really want it in the App store but I need it white labeled for this business??? if you have any suggestions on what plan would be best for this situation then please let me know??? Also what options do

you have for developers to get branded apps useing this platform to business?? this would be of great interest to me as well??? I

just need to know what plan would be best ??

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See this what the documentation is saying.

10 licenses of Secured PRO (Per user). The way this reads it meaning each user/device that is is on has to purchase 10 license?? That would mean in my case $800 bucks a month???

this is my issue Why not just charge 100 a month for secure pro am I missing something here??? this doesn’t really seem right.

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If this is not the case

please advise me I merely want to use my app put it on my personal devices. and thats it I need to know what the actual cost is??

(Philip Garrett) #9


Hi Shaun,

I am going to ask one of our business people to respond to your questions shortly. They are more expert than I am regarding the pricing plans.

(Ryan Bundt) #10


Hi Shaun,

Could you send me an email, ryan@appsheet.com, I’d like to get a bit more info about your use case, and I think that might be a better channel?