Keep Dashboard view fixed position



In this app i have created a Dashboard view with two views.
The one on top is my categories selection - The user swipes right and left in the gallery view to chose a category.

The bottom view is the groceries view that is with interactive mode with the upper view.

The problem i have is that i wish the upper view to remain in a fixed position on the screen when i select a category and to scroll in the bottom view while the upper view is still fixed.

Is that possible?


That should be the default behavior because views in a dashboard do not move, normally each view is it’s own window essentially.

Wait this in on phone not browser from your screen shot. On phone this behavior would not be possible.

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Good catch!

I’m used to this feature in the web, any idea how to use different approach to have a filter for categories?

Possibly use the tabbed mobile dashboard that way users can switch over to the categories and then back to products. I don’t know how this interacts with interactive dashboards so.