Keep getting Unable to find table 'START:' error message

Trying to implement an email workflow. When I have template definition of:
<<Start:[Related Gen_Contracts]>>
<< SELECT(Gen_Contract_TermDefinitions[ID], [Gen_Contract]=[_thisrow].[ID])>>Some string value


I get an email that shows:
Occeas(Master Bed)-Grantland Dr Weekly Rental Agreement

Some string value

When I modify template to be:

<<Start:[Related Gen_Contracts]>>
<< START: SELECT(Gen_Contract_TermDefinitions[ID], [Gen_Contract]=[_thisrow].[ID])>>Some string value

The result is this error message:
Failed: Action not performed because 2 errors are present. Error: Workflow rule ‘generateLeaseAgreementPDFtoEmail’ action ‘Email New Lease Agreement as PDF’ Body template. Expression ‘Start:[Related Gen_Contracts]’ is invalid due to: Unable to find table ‘START:’, did you mean ‘Units’?. Error: Workflow rule ‘generateLeaseAgreementPDFtoEmail’ action ‘Email New Lease Agreement as PDF’ Body template. Expression ‘End’ is invalid due to: Expression refers to undefined field…

I’m using a google Doc template.

I retested after removing the blank spaces around the second ‘Start’ but get the same results. I double check my syntax against this article and can’t find an error,

Please help me find the problem.

Would you please take a printscreen from your template. Then we can be sure what the syntax is, thanks.

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Attached are screen shots. I hope these help.

2020-02-09 06_42_18-Build Powerful Mobile Apps from Spreadsheets - Table Data

What happens if you try just?

<<Start: [Related Gen_Contracts]>>
<< End >>

After more testing, I discovered it has something to do with the tables in the template.




Yes you should have Start: and End either inside of the same table or outside, but not like where Start: is outside and End is inside or the opposite.

Then it’s still puzzling why it didn’t work here. (one of the original screen captures)

Retested same definition this way: