Keep track of Patient

Hi, Im trying to keep track of patients in my app, but every time i enter a new entry it says the key already exists. How can I fix it? Im trying to keep track of each patients visits to the hospital.

Anybody help me?

I suggesto to use a string column for holding the key values of your table. Hide it everywhere in the app, and let AppSheet give it a value when you create a new record.
How? In the column definition of your key, use the formula UNIQUEID() in the field initial value.


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The suggestions by @perissf will help you remove the duplicate key problem. But I am wondering how your app is designed?

What you would want to do for the use case you described is have two tables - Patients and Visits - then make Visits a child of the Patients table. This allows you view and add visits for each patient without having to re-enter patient info on each visit.

This article will give you more details. Scroll down to “Expressing Ownership Between Tables”


Thank you for your help. It sees not working.

Here is the structure of my app. I have 3 tables; 1. Medical Statement, 2. Treatment, 3. Appointments. The tables , Treatment and Appointment are referencing to the Medical Statement table. I want to be able to see a record of a single patient from the medical Statement table and will also have the treatment and appointment records in the inline view. I hope this is a bit clearer. (Note: English is not my language so Im struggling to explain)

In the details view I would like treatment table to show multiple records of the same patient.

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I see the Add button in the image on the right. What happens when you add new Treatments?

Thank for your responds. It opens a form to enter new patient that shows in the medical statement table. But when I add a new record in the inline table it says Key already exists. How can I fix that?