Keeping data from the first record , how?

Hello how to keep some data from the last record to avoid retyping the same data again exemple : I have a (sales table) and these column [date] [client] [product]
1rst record: I type these data [date],[client],[product]
2seconde record: I dont want retyping again [date] and [client ] i want to be kept from the 1rst record

I haven’t tried it, but maybe you could use a lookup function, and use [row] - 1. Put it in for the initial value.

Lookup([_thisrow]-1, “table name”, “row”,“client”)

Just a guess

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You’ll need to use an Initial value expression:

This will get you the value of the Date column from the last row of the My Table table:

  MAX(My Table[_ROWNUMBER]),
  "My Table",