Key column mysteriously recalculating

I have an action that creates a row in a table 2 based on an update in another table, table 1. One of the column values in the table the row is being created in (table 2) is supposed to be a copy of the key of the originating row in the updated table (table 1_. In my case, the table 1 key is a virtual column, concatenation of a typed in value in one column and a app formula UNIQUEID() in another. When I run my action the UNIQUEID() recalculates for some reason so I end up with no references between tables. Is there something that could cause this? I can’t seem to get it work!

I also just realized the key changes by itself in table 1 as well.

The “-UNIQUEID()” part of the UCID in the picture is a regular text columns with an App formula of UNIQUEID(). Sometimes it will just change in the key and break all of the associated links. It does this by itself. I can’t find an action that would do this, is there anything else that could?

Your exact column configuration is not very clear.

Is UCID column designated as a key column of the AppSheet table? AppSheet editor should typically give an error warning and remove such an App formula in the key.

App formulas recalculate on every user form update of the record and that could be the issue.

Is it possible that you can place the UCID expression in the initial value?


The UCID is the key column and is a virtual column. It concatenates the values of 2 physical columns, one of which has an app formula of unique ID(). I thought it would work if the app formula wasn’t in the virtual column. I’ll try to move it to the initial value and see if that works. Thanks for your help.