Key value from a reference column

I’m trying to use reference call to return a key column from another table.
I tried SELECT() formula, REFROWS, and the refference formula and got nothing. The table that has the key column is this one above:

And i want to autocompute on another table (bellow) the existing key values “Código de Notas”

The actual formula i’m trying is:

NotasData[Cod. Req].[Código Notas]

What did you try with the REF_ROWS formula? Or the SELECT for that matter? Your current formula will not work for this.

Typically REF_ROWS is like this:

REF_ROWS(“Table Reference”, “Ref Column”) and is of type list. So for one it appears you have the formula in the wrong table. A reference column you need to set the referenced table, no formula required.

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Yeah i see but if i remove the autocompute formula on the form it show a enum from the key values.

But it should return the key value that has the same “Cod. Req” on “NotasData” table - that’s why i was trying to autocompute

Seems that you may have a very specific setup that you are trying to accomplish here. If you could provide some additional details about your setup we may be able to help you better.

should be:

[Cod. Req].[Código Notas]

See also:

“NotasData” is the payment table, and “Requisições” is a Order table. Since we first add a order record and then we add it’s payment references. What i’m trying to achieve is when i create a payment record (“NotasData” form), and i select the orders key values referencing, on the order’s table it fill the key value for this payment