Keyboard disappear in Form fields. Is there a...

(Craig Clancy) #1

Keyboard disappear in Form fields. Is there a reason why my iphone keypad wont stay up to enter data into a field? It rolls up the screen when I place the curser into the field for a brief moment then rolls back down again? I have shut the app down, synced, made a useless edit and then saved to see if that helped but nothing seems to help. Makes it difficult (unable) to enter/edit data in a form field. Thanks in advance.

(Brian Sabino [appsheet]) #2

I’m not able to reproduce this.

What OS version and device type are you using?

The first thing you’ll want to try is updating your device to the latest OS version available.

If that doesn’t resolve the issue you can also try running your app in Mobile Safari as a workaround.

(Craig Clancy) #3

Its seems to have corrected itself.

(Fof Webmaster) #4

My keyboard disappears irregularly on a couple of my devices. It opens but closes before text entry can be completed. It seems to be worse when the phone is held horizontally. Phone is Motorola Droid Turbo running Android 6.0.1. My Samsung Tab 2 is running Android 7.0