Keyboard shortcuts in browser

If you use an app in a browser, you have at least two keyboard shortcuts at your disposal:

shortcut_keys.2021-07-30 15_05_25

(I’m a Mac user. Not sure about other platforms.)

As you can see, my cursor is visible near the top of the browser (kind of my “cursor” version of “Look, Ma! No hands!”). I’m hitting the right and left arrows on my keyboard to move between screens in slideshow mode.

So much for the tip; that’s all I know to be available at the moment. But, when a question about keyboard shortcuts came up in the past, this feature wasn’t mentioned so I thought I should post about it:

I also searched for some mention of support for keyboard shortcuts in AppSheet’s documentation but couldn’t find any.

Realizing that this feature was already available led me to vote for its improvement and expansion in the following feature request:

It also led me to think about the utility of voice commands. Words like “NEXT” and “PREVIOUS” might be programmed to do the work of keyboard arrows in slideshow mode. And that led me to this post about voice commands:

This was several years ago. I wonder what the current state of the art is now. Personally, I don’t need to be able to talk to my app in sentences, as though I’m talking to a human being; just being able to say words like “next” or “up” or “add” to invoke actions would be great. That would enable handsfree interaction which could be good in certain work situations or help people with disabilities.

So, that’s it. One tiny tip and a few comments that I hope will spark some discussion.