Keyboard showing instead of NumPad for a number type field

I have a field where a number needs to be entered in and the type is set at number. However, I have a user who’s full keyboard shows up instead of just the NumPad. It’s strange because it’s only this one user, and all other 10 users who are using the exact same app and entering it into the same spot don’t have this problem. It shows up as a Number Pad for them. We’ve tried it with Iphones and Androids and it works fine every time, but this one user(whose using an iPhone 10 X) keeps having this issue. Is there a setting on his phone that’s causing this or something. I don’t believe it’s the app, and the other users with both types of device are not having this issue. Do you know of what could be causing this? We need the Number Pad to be shown so that it won’t risk typos. Please let me know ASAP! Thanks!

I feel it s better to report to

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