KML for Map or XY using Network Link

In column types like Address, LatLong, XY we can add an Optional Url for KML File.

It was disused many times, how we can host the KML file.
Now I found a method how you can use your Google My Maps File directly without the need to export it and to host the exported KML file.

The URL should look like this:

Don’t forget to set your Google My Maps File to “Anyone on the internet with this link can view”.

If you like to show only one layer of your Google My Maps File, you have to:

  • Export to KML/KMZ
  • Select a layer
  • Enable “Keep data up to date with network link KML”
  • Enable “Export to a .KML file”
  • Open the exported KML file in Text Editor
  • Copy the URL after <href>

It’s the same URL as above, but includes the Layer ID (lid).

Now comes the next step.
A Network Link is like a Bookmark to a KML or a KMZ file.
The idea is: You can use a Parent KML file which will catch a Child KML file.
The result: You will always see the most actual KML file.
By using refreshMode, you can say how often the Child KML file should refresh, like every 30 seconds.
This is working perfectly in Google Earth. But it’s not working in AppSheet!
@Peter Could this be enabled in AppSheet?

Here is a Demo Video


Thank you for passing on your learnings~!

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Yes, this is great! I’ve tested network KMLs and found the same issue. This would definitely be a useful update for when the team is able to revisit the KML functionality and maps in general - I’ll make sure it gets back for consideration.

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Hi @Peter I saw, that after a day, the KML will be updated automatically, when using a Network Link.