KML Map Layer

hmmm… seems the iframe code is broken. :frowning:

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Thanks for the heads up about this @MultiTech_Visions and @Taylor_Felt2 - definitely a bug, will try to keep the thread updated here.

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This would be a great solution for me if it does work. I’m using my in-browser public app as a lead gen click funnel so any type of authorization screen will affect my conversion rate. I thought this was mandatory so maybe appsheet doesn’t want people to get around it… let me know if you get it working.

@Taylor_Felt2 you’re going to see that initial screen no matter what.


As @MultiTech_Visions mentions you cannot get around the privacy screen. It is not authentication.

Yes, this message can be a turn off for some people so I recommend softening the message with one of your own in the above About screen fields. A summarized version of the info that would typically appear in the Privacy details on your website anyway.

Hi @Taylor_Felt2 this is what you can do:

That would be perfect. I’ll check this out, Thanks!

Hi @Peter it’s still not possible to use a kml as a secondary data layer. Is there any update on this?


This is a really great feature. It helps a lot to show areas on the map for the application I’ve developed. However, when a user selects a point from my internal data, then wants to click outside that point to deselect it, they wind up selecting the KML polygon areas on the map instead. Is there a way to prevent this behavior so clicks on the background polygons deselect the selected point?

Here’s an example. I’ve selected a point and made my edits. Now I need to deselect the point to create another LatLon point, but anywhere I click on the map is one of my KML polygons.

So clicking away from the selected point pops up voting precinct info instead of deselecting the point.


Hi @Carl_Fischer I saw the same. I think there is no workaround when you use Polygons. In Google My Maps you would see the same behavior: Clicking inside a Polygon will open the Polygon’s Info Card.
So I think the only way would be to change the Polygon to a Line. Then the Info Card will open up only if you click on the Line.

Thanks for the suggestion. I found a way to edit the KML so Polygons become lines, but now it just doesn’t load. \shrug I suppose it’s not a critical element of my app.

Great! I cannot see that? How can I rey tour test versión?

Sorry this is not a public App. I can’t share it.