Know selected record in dashboard panel

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I have a button that generates a record in the child table with data from the parent table and I also want to put the data of the selected record in another dashboard panel. How can I know which record is selected in a dashboard panel?

On the dashboard and one of the view you placed such as table, deck etc, you place action and attach that action for action row selected.
Then pass that row value to the form.
Is it your question?

On a map “MAPA” there are elements “ELEMENTOS” that are inspected but must be assigned to an inspection session “SALIDAS”. The button that generates the new inspection of an element is on the map but at the same time I want it to be assigned to the inspection selected in the “SALIDAS” panel.

SALIDAS and ELEMENTOS are connected but when inserting the new element inspection, I am missing which session is involved

Sounds like you have two different table.

On the map view you add row to that table. Then you make a workflow (or Automation?) to fire on adding new row trigger to add new row to another table which generate SALIDAS view on the same dashboard.

Or even you just do the same with action only.
On the map view, to add new pin (row) you will see the new form view.
Once the same form view is saved, then trigger on save action to add new row to anotehr table, and passing the ID of row to another table as foreing key to make a ref connection between the row/table

Thank you very much for your help. I think I am not explaining myself correctly, sorry.

The table ELEMENTOS has information of which element is being inspected (data that comes from the map of the total of elements creating a new inspection record in a single element) and in which SALIDA (inspection session) is being inspected. This data is what I want to insert in the table but I don’t know how.

The ELEMENTOS table has 2 parents, which element (chosen from the map) and which session (from the sessions panel).

It is still clear to me what you want to achieve. Just because I dont know table relationship .
If you explain with the table names rather using view name, possibly we come up with better idea.

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In my case:
SALIDAS = table of inspection sessions.
MAPA = all the elements in the system
ELEMENTOS = table of items for inspection, chosen from the map, the ones that are inspected in the active session.

I just want to know how to capture the active record in the sessions panel to insert it when generating a new record in the table of elements to inspect.

I m not familiar with your business, so not sure what “al the elements in the system” would mean, but I reckon

  1. SALIDAS is inspection table. One row represents one inspection.

  2. ELEMENTOS has fields with ref , looking up ELEMENTOS to pick up the asset for this particular inspection/

  3. MAPA ? is this child to SALIDAS? List of ispection items? or something like that?

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We are close, :sweat_smile:

  1. MAPA = is the list of items that can be inspected.
  2. ELEMENTOS = is the list of items (from the map, in a new record) that are inspected in an inspection session.
  3. SALIDAS = is an inspection session.

MAPA and SALIDAS are the parents of elements.
An item (from the map) is inspected in a session (How I assign it?) = This is the question

Im afraid I m still perfectly catching up with you.
But it looks like to me that you generate a new child record (elementos) first without knowing who are going to be my parent.
Then you want to pick up mother (Mapa) / father (Salidas) after this child was given a birth? Elemenos table should have two ref columns, one for MAPA/ rest for Salidas so that you construct the relationship like you demonstrated.

On the map view, upon selecting the pin, the detail view will be sliding into the map view. Then you place the two inline actions button on that detail view. When use select the inline action (Add Mapa), then then they will be prompted to form view where they have one field, dropdow to select the MAPA. (this is deeplink action)

Similarly, another inline action (add Salidas), then they are going to be prompted to a form view to select Salidas.

In that way, use can manually select both parent and then you will see the ref connection at the end.


Thank you very much for your time and suggestions but I’m afraid my client wants to make only one click. I know the mother but the father is right next door, it’s just take it. You could with a function of the type [_THATROW].

But internally appsheet knows this because it uses it to do the filtering of the child panels

There is no way to programmatically get the user-selected row from an interactive dashboard view.

Thanks steve, I was afraid so.
I found a solution that might be appropriate, automatic search in the session table by date and user. It works reasonably well

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