Label a group instead of Y or N

I’m sure I saw a question like this but I can’t find it. I’m presenting data in a Deck View and grouping it, in one tab, by a Yes/No field. It ONLY shows Y or N which doesn’t give the user much context. I’d rather it say, “Is Urgent” for Y and “Not Urgent” for N. Any way to do this?

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Virtual Colunm and Concatenate. I can explain more if needed

Thanks. I had seen that from an old post so I guess that is the way to go.

Instead of Concatenate, I used IF([URGENT]=TRUE, “Is URGENT”,“Not Urgent”) in my virtual column.
Then I added it to the slice my view was based upon and selected that column for my Group By.

It worked. @retailpartnercom Do you see any reason why Concatenate would be better than IF?

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Oh, my bad. Your right, concatenate wouldn’t work. I was thinking that you would put “Y, Is URGENT” or “N, Is not Urgent”, but your way is better.

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You could create a separate table:

Key Label
FALSE Not Urgent

Then make the By Urgency column a Ref to that table.


You can also simplify this to: IF([URGENT], “Is URGENT”,“Not Urgent”)


How does that work? Doesn’t the first part have to be a condition?

The first part must evaluate to TRUE or FALSE. Yes/No columns are True/False. So [URGENT] already has one of those values. There is no need to compare it to a hardcoded boolean.


What @Bahbus said. The first part is an expression–any expression–that evaluates to a Yes/No value. [URGENT] is an expression that evaluates to the value of the URGENT column, which is itself a Yes/No value.


Oh that’s smart!