Label a Group?

(Martina Hawkins) #1

Is it possible to put a label on a group so user knows what the view is grouped by.
See attached screenshot. Is it possible to have the view on the right?

(Jonathon Sinclair) #2

You can achieve this by making a virtual column; something like:

CONCATENATE("Requested Date: ",[requested_date])

With that said, I agree with you. It would be useful to be able to specify a simple label for groups; also for group aggregates. If you use a SUM group aggregate, its not always clear to users what that number indicates.

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(Martina Hawkins) #3

I used that same formula in the display name of the [Requested Date] column thinking that would do it but it only shows in the detail view

(Jonathon Sinclair) #4

You will have to group by the new virtual column in the UX view, instead of just the [requested_date].

Essentially, you are converting the [requested_date] to a string which says “Requested Date: DATE”. These strings will still be unique for each day, so you can group and sort by them.

(Martina Hawkins) #5

Ok thanks. I’ll try that.

(Jonathon Sinclair) #6

Let me know if you have troubles; I can provide further assistance.

(Martina Hawkins) #7

Hi Jonathon,

I got the virtual column to work but the virtual column now shows up in the detail view which I don’t want.

I created a slice so I can order the columns in the detail view. Is there a way to not show this in the detail view?

(Jonathon Sinclair) #8

You should make a UX detail view specific to that slice. In the UX view you can specify exactly which columns and in what order are displayed.

(Martina Hawkins) #9

Thanks, got it figured out now.

(Martina Hawkins) #10

I have just noticed that the virtual column changes the date to US format.

CONCATENATE("Requested Date: ",[Requested Date]) - Type Text

Requested Date: 16/05/19 in Request table
Requested Date : 05/16/19 - this shows as group header - concatenated VC


Hi @Martina Try CONCATENATE("Requested Date: ",TEXT([Requested Date]))

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(Martina Hawkins) #12

Thats it. Thanks very much @Lynn

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