Label a Group?

Is it possible to put a label on a group so user knows what the view is grouped by.
See attached screenshot. Is it possible to have the view on the right?

You can achieve this by making a virtual column; something like:

CONCATENATE("Requested Date: ",[requested_date])

With that said, I agree with you. It would be useful to be able to specify a simple label for groups; also for group aggregates. If you use a SUM group aggregate, its not always clear to users what that number indicates.

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I used that same formula in the display name of the [Requested Date] column thinking that would do it but it only shows in the detail view

You will have to group by the new virtual column in the UX view, instead of just the [requested_date].

Essentially, you are converting the [requested_date] to a string which says “Requested Date: DATE”. These strings will still be unique for each day, so you can group and sort by them.

Ok thanks. I’ll try that.

Let me know if you have troubles; I can provide further assistance.

Hi Jonathon,

I got the virtual column to work but the virtual column now shows up in the detail view which I don’t want.

I created a slice so I can order the columns in the detail view. Is there a way to not show this in the detail view?

You should make a UX detail view specific to that slice. In the UX view you can specify exactly which columns and in what order are displayed.

Thanks, got it figured out now.

I have just noticed that the virtual column changes the date to US format.

CONCATENATE("Requested Date: ",[Requested Date]) - Type Text

Requested Date: 16/05/19 in Request table
Requested Date : 05/16/19 - this shows as group header - concatenated VC

Hi @Martina Try CONCATENATE("Requested Date: ",TEXT([Requested Date]))

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Thats it. Thanks very much @Lynn

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@Lynn just a quick question with regards to this post. With the concatenated field I am seeing the groups being ordered as text instead of date field type - due to the conversion when joining the field and text “Requested Date:”.

When I remove the ‘TEXT’ element of the syntax the dates are in american format instead of UK but it’s the only way I can order the dates appropriately. Is there any solution to this?

From the image you can see the requested dates are in ascending order but because it is in text format, it regards the first number (the day) of the date and ignores the following; the most recent date should be coming first in this case 17/06/2019 then 14/07/2019. Hope this issue is clear, would appreciate any help :slight_smile: