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I have a list of customers labeled in my app, and they have been added onto the map. I wanted to know if any of this is possible:

  • Since the default color of customer is labeled as blue, in my column “Interested Y/N”, if one of our reps selects Y can it change to Green, and if N change to Red or even remove from the map?
  • If I created a new column “Approached Y/N” if “interested” is still blank, but “Approached” says Y, can I change the main label to like Yellow?
  • Can I set different user permissions? Admin can delete but users cannot? Or like Admin can read, write, edit, but users can only read and write but not edit?

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Hi Wellington,

Welcome to the community! You can use conditional formatting to adjust the color scheme. You will end up using a simple expression something like:

For the second question, yes, that would just be a two part conditional formatting statement. You can use the AND() operator.

For the third question, yes, you can use security filters to set various levels of user permissions:

You could also conditionally show which views show up based on the user within each UX view.

Thanks for the fast response!
On another note, would it be possible to basically make a log? Like I have a notes section, but I wanted the sales reps to essentially update the log, this way I can monitor their progress instead of overwriting or something. Like a notes section that can only continue to add notes instead of modifying whats already present in the cell/box

I was reviewing:
It doesnt explain how to change the map pin icon color ?

I got it - you have to format the address column with a visual icon to change the pin color or type on the map


@Wellington_Chen You could do the log functionality with the related table structure. Are you familiar with that?

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No, not really

Please check this article…

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