LABEL_IF - Conditionally Suppress REF column labels

It would be nifty if we could suppress the text label, image label, or both labels for REF columns.

I… I don’t understand. :thinking:

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Interesting to see… why?

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Not liking the drop-down with the images next to the name… Also, you could use the label images as buttons if the name wasn’t present… And, in some forms and circumstance you might not want either label…

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So, basically, it would be an optional Label_If so to speak.

I agree with the others, I’m a little confused. An example might be in order.

First, both Label settings are not required. You can uncheck the Image/Picture setting so it doesn’t appear.

Second, if you had NO labels selected, what would you expect to see in the dropdown? My guess is the ID used in the Ref. If so, then you can simply set that as the Label column.

Now, if you are suggesting that you want flexibility so that for some drop downs you see one Label combination while in the same app other uses of the same dropdown you see a different Label combination, that I can see a use for!

Of course, it’s flexibility.
It seems to be a pretty simple straight forward ask.
(There is also currently no way to “treat/prep” these label images. like make them round, or fit a format, so long skinny company logos, vs tall ones, vs round ones, it makes the list look insane!)
But yeah conditional labeling, label IF would be cool cause then we could leverage the context expression…

Got it! And yes it’s a simple ask…but for the record your original post simply stated “suppress” with no mention of conditionality. :grinning:

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