Label removed from column after saving?

Hi everyone]
Im trying to have have two “text type” labels for a ref column in a row.
It works on the preview mode, but once I save changes in the app, it removes the second label.
Any ideas?


Please go through the article below for constraints on assigning multiple columns as labels and workaround options on creating multi column labels.


You can have two label fields if the other one is like image field. Because now both are text fields, it removes the other one.


I´m sorry I missed that article…
Thanks @Suvrutt_Gurjar !

I love the thing that even using a “concatenate VC” as label, when saving the form it only saves the “key” value of the table.

Super useful!

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Thanks @Aleksi

Solved with a VC concatenating the 2 text values I wanted to show on the Ref DropDown.

Im using this so users can search the dropdown in two languages. :mexico: :uk: