Labeling histograms with total count

Is there a way to add the total count to bar graphs (histogram) like the value label can be added to a donut or pie chart?
Pie -

Bar -

It seems only in the web app does the count appear when hovering over the graphic. Nothing appears in the app to show the count.

Thanks all!

@Tim_Martin If you long press on the bar, the tooltip should appear.

Hmmm…that does not appear to be the case in my ‘environment’ @tony : iPhone XR (iOS v 12.2) or on an iPad Air (same iOS). …

@Tim_Martin - on my iPhone 7 iOS 12.2, a long press on a bar shows the tooltip when released. Any chance the intro of “ Haptic Touch” on the XR creates issues? I can try and test my app on an XR later today, but would be surprised that’s the cause

@Gil Do you know if this is an issue on iOS? I tested it on Android.

@Tony, @Gil this might be related to my other question: New Bug Encountered:App doesn't reopen

Works on both Android and iOS (iPhone X) for me.
@Tim_Martin, what happens when you long press the bar/pie? Does it go to the details view?

nothing…there is a ‘details’ button I can hit to get to the table listing of each of the entries and from there a detail view…

@Tim_Martin, are you running your app in mobile browser by any chance? If so can you please try it in the mobile app?

dunno how I missed this @Gil…sorry…but yes…this is running in the mobile app… when pressing the bar, it does go to details view.