Landmark: 15000 Posts in The Community

A few moments ago, I was navigating from Tips & Tricks page to Questions page and noticed that the number of posts in questions category stands at exactly 15000.

Just thought of sharing this very impressive landmark. Kudos to AppSheet team and entire community.


So if I post about 40 more questions then I am 1% of the forums questions. Is that an accomplishment or a concern :roll_eyes: lol


Wow! Your posts are also with quality questions and resolutions. If you have reached 1% , then I am sure it is an accomplishement being a keen member. :+1:

Last almost 4 years , I am member of this community and it is a very professional community with all AppSheet team and professionals from various industries and technology backgrounds contributing with quality posts. One gets deep insights into AppSheet as a platform and any other supporting technology. It has immensly helped me with my learning curve on AppSheet and continues to do so on daily basis.