Landscape mode is funky on iPhone

Hi! Today I noticed a problem when I flip my iPhone to landscape mode while I’m using the AppSheet app. In the following image you can see that what should be a black or white bar over the whole top of the screen is split in half (the part that could be seen in portrait mode and the part that couldn’t, I assume).

My iPhone is an ancient iPhone 6 but when I tried AppSheet on my wife’s iPhone 11 I got similar but slightly different issues with landscape mode there too. Eventually, I’d like to write to about this but I wonder if others of you would be willing to check and see if landscape mode is working well with the AppSheet app on your iPhones. Thanks!

P.S. My screenshot is of an animated gif that I made and placed in my app. I wanted to use landscape mode to zoom in. I found similar issues, however, even when I was not attempting to view and image or gif.


Same on iPhone 12.


Thanks! This is probably enough confirmation. I wonder if @Steve or another of the AppSheet guru’s can just ‘escalate’ this post or if I need to write to individually.

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