Language selection (not app user setting)

I am making a visitor registration sheet. When a visitor comes to our site he has fill out a form using a shared tablet with some basic questions (company name, car license plate, host,…). However these people can come from different countries and might not always be familiar with French. The visitor should have the option to choose another language e.g. English.

The UI I have in mind:

  1. Visitor taps the add button (plus sign) on the tablet screen
  2. Visitor then gets a form in which the first question to answer is in what language he wants to continue.This can be done e.g. by having a column Language with column type Enum and then 2 stacked buttons from which he can either choose English or French.
  3. Depending on his language selection he will get the next questions in the language he chose. This can be done by using IF functions e.g. IF([Language]=“English”, “text in English”, “text in French”)

But it is somehow possible to have all the text of the system buttons and notifications changed at the same time? The UI should be as straightforward as possible and the app is used on a common shared tablet so for me the Settings option in the menu is not something to consider.

Any ideas how to realize this or is my feeling right and this is currently not possible to achieve in Appsheet?

Yes this is possible. One workaround is if you create a language table where one row contains one language and columns are fields that need translation. If you now use Ref field for the language selection in your form, you can use Deref expression like [Language].[Question1] as a display name.

My apologies for the late reply. First of all I like the idea of using Deref expressions for this, very useful when working with multiple languages.

But still, this does not work for the text of the system buttons and notifications (UX>Localize)? Deref expressions are not working there. Is this correct?

Yes that’s correct. You would need to read it for example with LOOKUP()

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