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Most of the time, it’s best to remove custom formulas or expressions from your app data source to help optimize app performance.

One particularly useful expression in Google Sheets, however, is its ‘GOOGLETRANSLATE’ function, that uses the Google Translate engine to quickly translate text.

By leaving that function as part of my data and then connecting it to my app as a data source, the AppSheet editor incorporated that ‘Spreadsheet Formula’ into my app definition:

The result is a simple form that accepts a text input & desired translation language, and returns the translated result after having synced with the Google Sheet.


I just added a feature to this demo app that allows you to extract text from an image, to help make it easier to input the phrase you’d like to translate. (This feature is still in beta stage, please share your feedback!)

Simple steps for this update:

  1. I added an ‘Image’ column to the data table
  2. I made the initial value of the ‘Phrase’ field ‘=OCRTEXT([Image])’

Here are some examples of images that might be handy to translate (try saving, then uploading it into the app to test it out).



Any plan to include Asian language to read by OCR?


Wow! Although it’s been around for a while, I was unaware of the OCR capability until I saw this post. Here’s some more documentation:


I take it, though, that as Koji has indicated, it works with the alphabet we are used to in English and not script in other languages, such as Japanese. My app is primarily for people interested in learning English, so I can use the function as is, but it really would be great if OCR capability for other languages could be added as well. With my app, it would be extremely useful for students of Japanese (Japanese as a second language), who need to convert text that they see (in books, posters, printed documents, etc.) into text they can put in their app. I’d like to put this on my wish list. (Hoping to find it in my stocking for Christmas :wink: )

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OCRTEXT() impressively returns Thai language (3-lines text).

And I think it’s good for Japanese text as well. But for hand-writing, I’m not sure.

Thanks!! The text on the bottom of the screen is correct. I don’t know what is just below the human thumb (to the left of the blue X), though. That seems to be some other language. I’ll have to play with this.


1.The human is me :smile:
2.It’s Thai words that I filled in UX > Localize > Clear.

This is really cool feature !

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ขอบคุณมาก! (Google translate . . . I wish I understood Thai but I don’t. :sweat_smile:)


Thanks for head up, I tested with my own language, Japanese and found out ocrtwxt function now picked up them perefectly. Obviously Appsheet dev team did something for this!



ด้วยความยินดีครับท่าน (You’re welcome, sir.) :slight_smile:

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This is fantastic !

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HI can I ask you what this is ? I am making apps in english for Thai staff to use , I have to enter both languages. would this , what you are talking about help me .
Thanks in Advance Devina

@Devina_Maxwell if I understand what you’re asking, this thread on localization may be helpful for you: Feature: Changing the language in your app (localization)

Thank you I appreciate it, Devina :slight_smile:

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Hi @Peter, I was not able to copy the App.