Large Card View Display Issues on Certain Fields

I’m experiencing some rendering / display issues on the Large CARD View. Wondering if anyone is experiencing the same or if it can be fixed from a development POV.

It looks like there are display fields that are missing (or not displaying) in the Large Card View when I add a new record. Specifically, the thumbnail image, subtitle header, image, and the long description are impacted. What IS showing consistently and correctly is only the title, and header.

It looks something like this when it’s not displaying properly:
Screen Shot 2020-07-09 at 7.00.11 AM

Here’s another example of the Large Card View not displaying properly. Note the large blank spot. If no image is included, this piece should be collapsed and the Title and Header are closer together.
Screen Shot 2020-07-09 at 6.44.18 AM

It should look like this. When I go into the Card View UX and I change something (like the Sort by) it will update and show the correct view with all the fields.

Screen Shot 2020-07-09 at 6.57.16 AM

I have to go into the Card View UX and update something on the card view to display properly.

Wondering if you could fix this. My app name is “Podium Fitness Alpha 1.2” if you want to look at this issue.


I m not sure if Card view is still BETA or not, but i m sure still too much buggy. Not recommend to use in production app, which I do for now.


@tsuji_koichi that’s too bad. It’s a fantastic view that I would hate to abandon if it comes to that. The other alternative would be to go a deck or table view but it just doesn’t come close to the visual impact the large card view has.

Not sure what it takes to fix but I hope they do.

Unfortunately, this is how BETA goes on this earth. We need to be patient, until it gets out of BETA and works in more stable way.
We cant avoid that when it comes to such a system like Appsheet, but it also applys to any other system.

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BETA periods should be set by developper, in this case, Appsheet team, to collect feedback to debug etc. I suggest you reporrt this and call for assistance from them by sending email to
That will help Appsheet dev team, @morgan @carie and others who are tirelessly working on improvement of UI of appsheet, and it turns to be benefit to all the users at the end.


Hi Tony,
We’ve deployed a couple of fixes in the past couple of days w.r.t Card Views. It’s currently on a rollout, meaning that maybe only some app creators have access to it at the moment while others may need to wait a couple more days (in general it takes up to 2 weeks for a rollout to be complete).
All issues are not addressed but we’d welcome your feedback once more so that @morgan and the team can keep on improving that view type.
Thank you


Sounds like card view is getting out BETA soon? :grinning: