Large Table Issue “Product Table”

What is my best option with my product table having 27,000 rows and increasing by 100+ daily. Where 90% of it has been sold, in which case we have a field (column) for archiving. For a salespeople, we easily run a security filter to keep all archived products from syncing to their app. However on management side, we often need to look back at some archived items related to some recent orders to resolve issues (ex: exchanges, repairs, warranties). What can I do, as it causes crashes everyday at this point.

I currently have my orders table filtered to only go back 30 days on orders. So references like order details with my products, deliveries, rendered payments, all these tables relate.

And it’s just crashing and resetting while users are trying to upload new inventory or such.

How can I resolve this?

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Just as an exploratory step, could you explore enabling user settings option in the security filters for the management role users? The user settings could have date ranges that management users can define to limit the amount of archived data that they need to look at. This will enable each management user to set a filter as per his / her own needs.

Also there can be a default user setting that selects only non-archived data to start with for the management users so that their app starts with loading fewer rows.

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Partition expressions: not understanding how I would write these for the product table. I can separate into two worksheets, all archived in one sheet and available in another. But not getting how I would write the expressions.

I’m assuming I can creat an action that would automatically transfer rows from sheet to sheet when archived or set to available again.