large tables causing issues using “show all p...


large tables causing issues using “show all properties” page.

I am finding the “show all properties” screen in the Table columns view to be hard to work with - when a table has a lot of columns.

Maybe others have the same experience or recommendations how to handle?

The vertical scroll bar is for the whole page, but the horizontal scroll bar is for the individual table.

This means that for tables with lots of columns, to be able to scroll right to get to things like the “search” option, you have to blindly guess what field and column you are on because you cannot see the header row and left-right scroll bar at the same time.

Locking the Column Definition column and Header labels would help a lot (lock first col and top row for the window).

(Stephen Mattison) #2

Agreed, but must be difficult. I suggested “Freezing” this Header row a year ago, would be very helpful/time saving!

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #3

It turns out to be particularly complicated to freeze the header row the way it has been built (we’ve had a couple of abortive efforts at that).

One thing that helps me a bit is to collapse out the preview and shrink the browser zoom level. This lets me see more of the table surface.


@praveen - thanks for being so responsive to comments.

I am not a UI expert, but am glad you have/are at least looking at it as a smoother experience may help prevent silly mistakes (like I made with the “search” option).

will try the zoom a bit for now…

(Stephen Mattison) #5


Idea, make a PostIt note with the Headers marked that you can just stick on your screen-BOOM!