Larger arrows for next and previous on detail view in dashboard

hello guys I created a dashboard view on iOS with a list to the left and detail views to the right with interactive mode on.

I’d love for the slideshow arrows on the detail view to be larger to tap and ideally also for the option to swipe left and right anywhere on the detail record as in the full screen detail view slideshow mode.

also the resize icon on lower right of the windows is incredibly small on iOS if it could be bigger for users to grab that would be awesome!

thanks for the great work you guys have been doing I’m very appreciative!

Would you mind to add some pictures trying to describe your proposal?
I couldn’t follow really well, tried to figure in my mind, visualizing it.
But rendering was not so good here ahehhahe!!

yes that would have been helpful my apologies haha, basically make the small arrows bigger, include the ability to swipe just as you can in fullscreen detail view and make the resize on bottom bigger. :smile:

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Hello @TdhersG thank you for a great presentation today on the office hours!

I’m tagging you as per your request and I hope the original post here answers your question and is specific enough, if not of course please let me know. Thank you very much for your attention on this I appreciate it! :slight_smile: :smile:

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ahaa, now i could figure out better. For some reason i didn’t see the notification.
Voted !

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