Last Record from a table of records

I have a table-Tbl1 with Multiple Rows of data by [Date] for a Column Item
I would like to make a Report or Newtable-Tbl2 with the last know data for that Column Item

I am adding new records every day to this table

Thanks for your help

I understand MaxROW()
I created a slice as Table and tried using MAXROW() function.
The MAXROW() expression does not work with a slice

How do I go about using Maxrow?

A slice is actually easier. Use a row filter expression like this:

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I have the Table with ID, Date, O, W,G
It has several rows with same ID, but the Date is different for each row.
The Date can be same for different ID.

I want to get the last entry for each ID
I used the Filter (MAX(Well Tests[_ROWNUMBER]) = [_ROWNUMBER])
It only gives me 1 ID and not for the last date that ID has data, but the last row the table.

I read this MAXROW(“Events”, “Date”, ([Date] < DATE(“1/1/” & YEAR(TODAY()))))…returns the row for the most recent event prior to this year
I want the table only the LATEST ENTRY of ID

Table Name: Well Tests
Column Headings:

|UniqueID|Well Name|API|Section|Date|Oil|Gas|Water|Hours On|%|SITP|SICP|FTP|FCP|24hr Oil|24hr Gas|24hr Water|Choke|Test Method|Allocate?|Notes|




([_THISROW] = MAXROW("Tbl1", "_ROWNUMBER", ([_THISROW].[ID] = [ID])))

I tried and get an error


([_THISROW] = MAXROW(“Well Tests”, “_ROWNUMBER”, ([_THISROW].[ID] = [ID])))

Error in expression ‘[_ComputedKey].[ID]’ : Unable to find column ‘ID’

Replace ID with whatever you were referring to with “ID” in the above.

ID was “Well Name”
It still gives me multiple rows of same Well Name

([_THISROW] = MAXROW(“Well Tests”, “_ROWNUMBER”, ([_THISROW].[Well Name] = [Well Name])))

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Let’s try this, then:

([key-column] = MAXROW(“Well Tests”, “_ROWNUMBER”, ([_THISROW].[Well Name] = [Well Name])))

replacing key-column with the name of the key column for the Tbl1 table.


I tested again, the last one before this _THISROW solution works better
Thanks for your very kind help.

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Hi Steve
How can I get data only for EOMONTH()

Thanks Buddy!
You are a trooper


I don’t understand. Please elaborate.

Thanks Steve
I am going to write another question, since its not related to this Table.


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([_THISROW] = MAXROW(“Well Tests”, “_ROWNUMBER”, ([_THISROW].[Well Name] = [Well Name])))

This gives me LastROW.
Would like to get the most recent well test, based on Date.


I encourage you to read the MAXROW() documentation I posted earlier in the thread. You requirement can be met with a small change in the expression.

Thanks Steve.
I changed _ROWNUMBER to “Date”…Thanks to @Marc_Dillon


([_THISROW] = MAXROW(“Well Tests”, “Date”, ([_THISROW].[Well Name] = [Well Name])))