Last Update of last sync in my column

What formula can I use to get the last update of my app in one of my columns?

Please see the MAXROW() section of this post by @Steve for examples:


What I m trying to say is I want to keep my app last sync in a column. I want a formula to get my app last sync

Do you mean the DATE/TIME that the last sync occured on that device?

If so, you might be able to do this with USERSETTINGS() by adding a DateTime column with Initial_Value = NOW() and Reset On Edit enabled.

You may also have to change another USERSETTING() value to trigger it though. If just syncing doesn’t reset the value, then you would have to edit some other value first and then sync to log the time.

Keep in mind, if you use an App_Formula instead of Initial_Value, it will always look like the current time when you view USERSETTINGS() or any other form, even if you don’t sync/save-- so it wouldn’t be accurate. So leave the App_Formua blank and use Inital_Value = NOW().


Yes date and time

Let me try that

A virtual column with an App formula expression of NOW() will provide the date and time of the last sync, but it won’t save it to a spreadsheet. There is no way to capture the last sync automatically in a spreadsheet.

Great thanks a lot first method works will try the second one too