Latest Enhanced Dashboard UX?


Hi all Appsheet creators,

Yesterday I was watching Appsheet Automation demo video on YouTube, and found the UX presented in the video is excellent, which is not the same level to what I could do now.

Is it for real? Is this the latest capability of dashboard view or other views?

Hi @Hong_Yaw_Kuang,

This view is salesforce lightning.
It looks like the Automation demo was used because it was integrated with salesforce.

In my experience, the UI/UX isn’t that much of a winner compared to the AppSheet dashboard… :shushing_face:


Hi Takuya,

So that’s the Salesforce Lighting :rofl:

But so far my dashboard view is kinda boring, just a lot of table views, so when I look at the video, I was impressed.

Do you use dashboard view as well? Can you share a screenshot with me? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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You may wish to refer to the following posts to get some ideas on making the dashboards more attractive.

Please note that while using card views, there were some teething challenges till recently with card views. I believe it is no more in beta stage but please use it judiciously.

If you are ready to venture outside AppSheet for the dashboards, then masters like @tsuji_koichi have more tips on integrating Google data studio and Tableau, etc. in the Tips and Tricks section.



It’s not a dashboard, but I like it because of its gorgeous gallery view and other features.
Also, AppSheet works after Syncing the data locally, so it is light and nimble.

However, Salesforce dashboards also have many great components.
If you have the time, I recommend you touch Salesforce.