"Latest" not working in "Feature Requests"

Last night I posted a feature request:

Today, however, when I was looking at posts in the community I realized that I hadn’t seen my own post. When I tried to look for it in the the “Feature Requests” section I couldn’t find it, even though less than 24 hours had past. Even tapping on “Latest” didn’t help:

It seems that “Latest” doesn’t work here (and perhaps it doesn’t work elsewhere as well – haven’t conducted a survey yet).

I think the current situation is quite problematic for “Feature Requests.” Requests the generate a lot of discussion keep getting put before people’s eyes but requests that are reasonable but might not generate discussion tend to have a very short “window” in which to be viewed and considered.

By the way, “Votes” seems to work, except that I can’t find my post with others that have received the same number of votes.

Thanks for your consideration.

Now I see that “Latest” seems to be the same as “Votes” and “Top” – ranked according to the number of votes, not chronology. Unlike “Top”, however, we can’t choice a period of time for “Latest” and “Votes.” All in all, this is extremely funky and likely to lead some valuable suggestions to be overlooked. Instead of “the rich get richer” I think the current set up tends to lead to a situation where “the voted get more votes.” If AppSheet intends to use the number of votes as an indication of what requests actually have the most support, I think this issue needs to be addressed.

By the way, “Activity” does seem to be chronological – and I see my post there. But perhaps this is different from what was intended by “Latest” (arrangement by posting date?).

@Peter, I hope you don’t mind my tagging you as we have discussed improving the community in the past. :slight_smile:

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Hey @Kirk_Masden, thanks for bringing this up - I’ve noticed the voting functionality in Discourse leads to some wonky sorting/filtering issues that behave differently from other categories - I’ve been encountering the same things you’ve described.

One thing you can try that might give you some other options is playing with the URL string - try adding ‘?order=votes’ to the end of your URL after you’ve filtered by a desired timeframe (I use this when tracking requests on a larger timeframe).

Similarly, you can apply ‘?order=op_likes’ to any category to sort by likes of any Topic (not cumulative activity).


Thanks! I’ll try these suggestions. I know that AppSheet has not built the community software so you are not in a position to edit it. Don’t you think, though, that the provider should fix it?