LaTeX in AppSheet

I request that the LaTeX can be use in AppSheet. Thank you.

I have taken a look at the LaTeX website. It is a system of its own.

I think a better approach would be to appeal to the LaTeX developers to provide a REST API (Application Programming Interface) into their system. I saw no mention of it so assume there isn’t one already.

AppSheet could then send the desired information from its apps, using webhooks, to the LaTeX system through this API. With appropriate API commands, you could even control the generation of the documents and save location.

However, LaTeX first needs to have these capabilities to allow integration with other external systems.

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I would argue that LaTeX is not that useful for most app creators who use AppSheet. You can always use one of the supported formats (like HTML) and convert to LaTeX using some software or service.

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I need that because I need to display Mathematical symbol. After apply the Workflows, the document saved in doc format and I want the equation generated in the word document can be edited by using MathType.

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