LatLong as text in Google Sheets

I’m trying to perform a function on the LatLong when it comes over from a form. I’ve got the column Type set to LatLong but when it comes in as a text/default format in google sheets. Any work arounds here?

Thanks in advance!

A LatLong value appears as two decimal values separated by a comma-space sequence when stored in the worksheet. Is that not what you’re seeing? Or not what you expect?

Not sure really what I was expecting. I guess I’ll just use a couple helper cells to split the values apart and convert to integer so the function will work as expected. Thanks for the reply.

What are you trying to accomplish?

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The Lat() Long() might be my fix. I’m using a script in Sheets that reverse geocodes the coordinates to give me nearest address info. I’m trying to parse out the state so I can limit the view of users to just the qr captures in their state. It’s a work around of a work around :).

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