LatLong Value Validity

What expression would validate latlong as not having a value?
isblank(), <>“0”, <>“0.000000, 0.000000” seem to not evaluate as true when compared with here() with gps off.

Are you able to set it as “Required” and no validation is needed?

So you want to require the column value be blank when GPS is off?

Required is enabled, value is 0.0, 0.0 when gps is off and passes the requirement validation.
I want the form to not save when gps is off, or 0.0, 0.0.

Make a calculation with the DISTANCE(). Distance needs to be more than 1km for example.

Table of customers, which not all have gelocation, do I need to save the location and compare that with HERE() via DISTANCE()? That sounds like a nice check, to have the location data and compare via distance, but for now all I desire is that HERE() is not 0.0,0.0? Without another data to compare, what use is distance, or am I comparing with DISTANCE(0,0)<>HERE()? What about LAT(HERE())>0?

Had same problem. Found this thread. Good tip on using distance! I sure know I want to be a long way from 0 so I went with:

LATLONG(“0.000000”, “0.000000”),