Launch an App Form from a provided URL

I would like to create a url to launch an appsheet app form and specify the value of one row. Any help creating this would be greatly appreciated.


I believe this is just typo, must be read as column.

Then solution would be you create the VC with expression something like”&linktoform(“Your_FormName”,“date”,today())

Change each part of url strings to match your needs and apps.


Yes I meant column. Thank you so much.

Using the guide I created a URL, but it does not refill the one column I’m listing. Here is my link below. Any thoughts."dealership"%3A"Julio+Jones+Kia%2FMazda"

I suspect something wrong with your expression which generates URL

You at least need curly braces around the defaults JSON

I suggest using/copying the output of LINKTOFORM expression instead of trying to hand type it.