Launch image in desktop view

I have a launch image…600x600. It looks fine on phone or tablet, but desktop view it is distorted and only shows part of the image.
Any recommendation on what size I should be using or how to adjust the image?

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I would recommend to use at least 1000x1000px.


It’s pretty difficult to get a single image that looks good on mobile and browser because of the drastic difference in aspect ratio.

The best ‘one-size-fits-all’ that I have come up with is to use a 1080x1080 canvas but only use the center ~400x400 area for the logo.

What we really need is the ability to dynamically change the image based on CONTEXT("Host").


Thanks…yes the desktop view has terrible resolution. I hope they are working on this.

Yes I agree. We would like to use the expression for the backgrond images so that we switch the image file based on the user device.
Maybe feature request?

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+1 on this topic!
Being able to set different launch images depending on mobile or desktop would be amazing.