Launching a URL based on clicking the icon

Hi everyone! I thought I set up my behavior correctly to launch a URL when you click the icon that is inserted on your app when you create the behavior. When I try to click the icon, nothing happens. Right now I am using the LINKURL Formula. I don’t want to launch the URL based on any kind of editing action, it’s just intended to be a resource and people can choose whether or not they want to open the website.

I tried doing it as a workflow, but that doesn’t work for URLs.

Can someone help me figure out what I’m doing wrong?

You could create a new action that does it. Just choose the right table source.

@Bahbus thank you for the answer. I think I tried this, but I may be doing it wrong. My app images are below and then when I click on my little airplane symbol, nothing happens.

I’m pretty sure you just need the website. You should be able to drop the LINKURL().

@Bahbus It tells me that it doesn’t match the expected format.

I figured it out! Using the hyperlink formula does the trick.

I was just about to post that. I forgot that one existed.