Lazy Load Request

Hello community and appsheet team, we currently have apps that are very slow due to the amount of data and formulas.
App users often use it to do a certain action, loading a lot of data you don’t need. That is why it seems to me that it is a very good idea to enable a Lazy Load mode, where the application only loads the requested data, without loading other views or data, it would help a lot for the performance, and that the users select if they want to load the data in lazy load or in the normal way

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Could you use security filters for that purpose?

I’ve been thinking this myself lately…

Currently we use security filters, however there are users and occasions in which the performance is not optimal.

Yeah, this is a big issue with organizations that:

a) have a long list of past projects
b) have a long list of existing or past employees

In general, we can use security filters to load only the requisite project data. But you still always have to load entire project tables (to populate filter lists) or user tables to ensure user REF’s remain valid. These are only two examples where lazy load would become useful - there are many more.

Security filters work for other things though.