Leading Zeros on Numbers when createing PDF from a Workflow

Is there an expression to pad a number with leading zeros? I know you can choose leading aeros on the data type but I want to format when printing a PDF.

For example, I want 1 to print as 0001

I cannot see a format string for the TEXT expression. Is there one?

Format strings for TEXT() are only for Date and Time values.

You can always manually add the appropriate amount of zeroes with IF statements.

IFS( [number] < 10 , “000” , [number] < 100 , “00”…) & [number]

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Thanks. Yes, similar what I used in the past.

I was just hoping for and easier option

If you set the digits as 4 with your number column’s definition, it should do that trick for your pdf.


Yes. Thanks.

I thought it wouldn’t work because dates don’t get formatted automatically.

But it does which is great

You’re welcome