Learn AppSheet Faster for Free - AppSheet IQ™

I’m so excited to announce the release of our newest product to enhance your AppSheet experience: AppSheet IQ™!

AppSheet is crazy powerful and can build almost anything. But it can be hard to get a grasp on which of the hundreds of features and concepts are right for you to learn…

After years of helping people learn AppSheet, we’ve narrowed in on common topics and metrics that get people building the apps they want, fast!

AppSheet IQ™ has a library of topics, features, and concepts that it intelligently suggests to you based on your current knowledge of the platform.

Log on to AppSheetTraining.com/learn and simplify your learning journey for Free today.


Pumped to finally have this out!

KEYWORD FREE!!! :heart_eyes:

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I’ve just given this a spin! :wink:

AppSheet IQ is a beautiful, clever and wonderful thing… It’s both inspired and brilliant… Just-in-time (on-demand) learning taken to a whole new level… Wow…! Wow…! Wow…!

I’m truly impressed and wish I had this four months ago when I got started. This is exactly what AppSheeters need - newbies, beginners and more experienced users will all benefit.

Do yourself a favour… Dive in and take a look… It won’t disappoint…

Well done QREW…!!!

:ok_hand: :+1: :100:


In the assessment topic 48 is cut off, don’t know if that’s just me or not.
Spelling error for topic 60. manipulation
first word isn’t capitalized.
workflow is misspelled.

the spelling mistakes on the assessment just kinda stuck out to me. As someone pretty familiar with appsheet I look forward to diving into the areas I have neglected and seeing how our new developer improves by completing this.


@Austin_Lambeth Thank you for the feedback! Product development is always a process :slight_smile: I appreciate you helping us improve and I hope your new developer finds this helpful.

Any more ideas or feedback you have is very welcome.

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Thank you, Jake! Your feedback and enthusiasm has me super pumped.

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Just took my assessment and started fumbling around the content. I am excited that to really dig in to it, this is exactly what I need!

Thank you for this great resource, can’t believe its free!