Leer datos de otra tabla relacionada

Tengo dos tablas, una de CLIENTES y otra de PAGOS
Necesito modificar en la primera, la columna [Saldo], luego que se ingrese un [Pago] en la tabla Pagos.
Los pagos pueden ser varios, por lo menos 2, para cada cliente.

Hello. I have two tables, one for CUSTOMERS and the other for PAYMENTS. I need to modify the first, the [Balance] column, after a [Payment] is entered in the Payments table. The payments can be several, at least 2, for each client.

Have you taken a look at the reference actions, that update columns in one table based on changes in another column? The sample app below updates child tables based on parent table changes. You could use reverse flow -from child to the parent table.

Sample app-

Article on actions-

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Thanks @Suvrutt_Gurjar for your quick response.
Unfortunately your example does not help to solve my problem,
I need to do a calculation in a numerical column in the [Parents] table, with the data entered in the [Number] column of the [Child] table.

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Yes, I already mentioned this. You can use that sample app configuration in the reverse way to update the parent column. Reference actions can be used in updates both ways - parent to child and child to parent

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