Left align form

I want my form to be left align so when the form is displayed on a desktop monitor it is not in the middle with a lot of white space on each side.
I see Center and Normal…I don’t see Left for the whole form detail

The Centered and Normal are not referring to the positioning of the view in your browser window, but rather the positioning of the column name headers and column values within the view. I’m afraid there is no way to directly achieve what you want.

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If I have a dashboard and have 4 views, is there anyway I can have one of the panels of the dashboard be a “new” form…ready for input? Then it would be the size I would like.

Appsheet WAS mobile oriented application, so the view is optimized to fit to the mobile, but as the time goes by, there are bunch of new features added which are all useful in use of Desktop, Appsheet as desktop application.

My understanding is that s why current detail view of appsheet looks in that way. Centered.

I really want Appsheet team to consider to bring changes to the detail view. Bunch of my app clients are claiming to do something. If the list of the column on the rows gets long, it is not user friendly, as they need to keep scrolling down and down to the deeper extent to find the target field they want to access.

I raised a feature requested before, but not unfortunately not collecting much of support. :sob:

I m testing App Maker. Their UI is always customisable, Form/Detail view are not exceptional, which is a point and feature I wish Appsheet/Google team to bring to Appsheet to get far better experience on detail view.

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No you can’t have a form be one of the dashboard views, although you can have a detail view with quick edit columns.


Detail view will not bring up a blank form though, right?

Correct. A detail view can only be used on an already-existing row. However, you could construct an action that creates a new “blank” row and opens it in a detail view. The downside here is that the new row will exist in the spreadsheet before the user has entered any data.

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